♥ Taiwan Online Shopping Services ♥

【About Me】
~ I'm Taiwan Ruten Auction Agent, Bidding Yahoo Auction Proxy Service, 
   Taiwan Online Shopping Agent, or Taiwan Proxy Bid Purchase.
~ I'm offering online shopping services for Taiwan Ruten and TW Yahoo Auctions.
~ I'll help you to bid on any auctions from Taiwan as a proxy.
~ I can also help you to order from Taiwan Pchome, Unimall, Monday, Aircamel, etc! 
~ By using my reliable service, you'll get a item from Taiwan in a faster and safer way!
~ I can bid for you, pay your supplier on your behalf, and ship items to your home!
~ I've done it many times for my international customers for more than 8 years.
~ All transactions will be used with private emails to protect their privacy.

【Please Read My Rules】
~ I'm not responsible for any scam, loss, damage, stolen caused by a seller and couriers. 
~ I'm not liable for quality and size of products and color accuracy stated by sellers.
~ Please carefully read product descriptions (what's included and what's not included).
~ Here is the Free Website Translator: http://translate.google.com/
~ International Shipping Fee from me to you is not included in all products. 
~ All personal order sales are final (no exchanges, no returns, no refunds).
~ But, I'll help you to check their condition before I mail your items to you.
~ Some of the auctions can be listed by fraudulent sellers.
~ So, please carefully assess the credibility of sellers before ordering item(s) from them.

【Payment Method】

~ PayPal (PayPal Balance, Bank Account, Debit Card, Credit Card)
~ Please do not send eCheck since it takes longer times to be cleared.
~ Their items are usually sold out quickly, so you've to pay as soon as possible.

【Minimum Order Requirement】

~ No minimum order requirements: you can order 1 item or 2 items only
~ But, I recommend you to buy 4 or more items in order to save shipping cost.
~ You may get the same shipping cost if you buy more than 2 items.

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