♥ Taiwan Online Shopping Services ♥

Q: Can you please label my package as a gift?
A: Of course, I've been helping to do it for all of my international buyers
even if they don't ask me. So, please don't worry about it. 

Q: Can you please declare the low value on my package?
A: Well, value on your parcel depends on how much insurance coverage you want if you use Airmail because Taiwan Post requires a parcel which is shipped via Airmail must be insured for most countries (except Canada, Spain, Chile, etc). But, I can write the low value based on your request if you use EMS

Q: I paid you few days ago. Why you still haven't bid auction yet?
A: As soon as I get your payment, I'll immediately place the order by contacting them. 
But, some sellers don't allow me to bid directly due to their rule on their sale page. 
So, we must ask them first via Q&A before we can bid it to avoid dispute.

Q: Why don't they allow you to bid it right away? 
Reason #1: They may want to avoid high-selling fee charged by Ruten/Yahoo. 
                      So, they can change it to a lower price first before you can bid on it.
Reason #2: Sometimes, seller doesn't update their stock in their sale page. 
Unfortunately, I'm unable to help you to ask every seller if they're available...
It's because it brings me too much hassle as I've too many orders to handle...^^;;
But, please don't worry. If your item is out of stock, you can pick other item to replace it. 
Or, I can refund it to you with full amount if you still can't find other item as replacement.

Q: Why my item(s) not arrived yet? It's been more than 2~3 weeks!
Reason #1: Your product(s) can be "pre-order" which means that its supplier needs
          extra weeks to re-make your order after receiving your payment.
Reason #2: Some 
sellers can be very slow at delivery as they're not
specialized in selling on a full-time basis. It means that they're selling

for clearance sales while working on other full-time jobs at the same time.
So, they may need extra days to mail your order.

 Notes: I always handle all orders quickly to ensure my fast services for my buyers.
However, this process of delivery from your seller is out of my control.
So, I'll contact your seller for following-up your order without further delay. 

Q: How long will I get my package after you mail it?
A: Registered Airmail normally takes 8~12 business days to reach you.
If you choose EMS, it takes 3~5 business days to any country.

Q: How much does the shipping fee to me?